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  • OSHA30
  • LOTO “Lock-Out-Tag-Out”
  • Live-Dead-Live

The AphD Difference


Utilizing 23 years of experience servicing mission critical facilities throughout the country. We apply dedication of ownership into our services for all types of equipment functionality. We pride ourselves by instilling the most cost-effective services with knowledge based technical support securing infrastructure equipment stability.


AphD takes pride in our safety procedures, inspections, and best practices. Everyone on our team is 100% accountable to speak up, stop work, mitigate issues, escalate, and always move forward safely. Strong safety performance and communications will ensure our employees, customers, and reputation as AphD first responders.


Resistive load banks are the most common testing performed supporting electrical equipment within commercial facilities. Ranging from but not limited to; data centers, government facilities, hospitals grocery stores, schools and airports, resistive load banking allows you to test the primary (rotor) and generator(stator) at 100% of rated capacity.


We are implementing technology into our load banks that isn't simply "out of the box" offered by the equipment manufacturers. These advancements have commissioning at the heart of their functionality. We are not talking only making things easy, but doing it "right".


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    Load Banks

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    500KW to 3000KW Available

    480v 60amp (4w)+G / 49.88kW
    277v 60amp (3w)+G / 28.78kW

    AphDLRS On Site Testing Services

    500kW to 3000kW Range 480v 60amp (4w)+G / 49.88kW
    277v 60amp (3w)+G / 28.78kW

    Resistive Load Bank Rental

    500kW to 3000kW Range 480v 60amp (4w)+G / 49.88kW
    277v 60amp (3w)+G / 28.78kW

    Cam Lock Cable Sets

    500kW to 3000kW cable Set Range 480v 60amp (4w)+G / 49.88kW
    277v 60amp (3w)+G / 28.78kW